Main Projects

Seminars on the Dignity of Women
Dignity of Women Annual Seminars, provide women with more understanding about original values, dignity, appreciation and respect for all.

Projects for Women of Faith
The Women of Faith Projects were established in 2008 to bring women of different faiths together for the purpose of greater understanding, fellowship and respect. WFWP Canada understands that women have a unique capacity to create harmony through the qualities of empathy and sensitivity and thus go beyond the boundaries and barriers that have traditionally divided the human family. Women are provided the opportunity to explore the faiths of others through testimonies and the sharing of passages from sacred texts.

Annual Seminars on Family, Marriage and Relationships
Marriage, Family and Relationships annual seminars provide an opportunity for people from diverse communities to learn more about each other's family values and traditions. Strengthening the family, with the understanding that the family is the foundation for lasting peace in the world is the aim of these seminars.

Poetry Readings
With the theme of "Crossing Boundaries, Connecting Hearts" established in 2007, it promotes a greater understanding of different cultures and traditions through the appreciation of their respective artistic expressions. Bringing both women and men together from different religious, national, racial backgrounds to share their thoughts, feelings and longings for a united and peaceful world is the goal of this project.

Celebrating International Women's Day Annually
International Women's Day always brings women together to celebrate, and learn about the progress and development of United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Female leaders from the political, social and non-profit sectors gather during our annual events to acknowledge the historical contribution to and the advancement of women in society.

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Women's Federation for World Peace, International (WFWPI)

WFWPI supports its worldwide network of National WFWP Chapters. WFWPI is a not for profit, international non-governmental organization (NGO) in general consultative status with the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC )and the UN Department of Public Information.
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