Welcoming a New City Chapter – Ottawa

“The problems that humanity faces today can only be resolved through the ideals of true love centering on God, and one family under God.” – Hak Ja Han Moon, July 18, 2012
WFWP Canada would like to officially welcome the Ottawa Chapter and congratulate them on their openning ceremonies held at the Bronson Centre on March 21, 2013 in Ottawa.
The program was organized by Blandine Stringer with the help from members of the Ottawa community and WFWP Ottawa chapter members.
The program’s MC, Angelique Amengavi
Mrs. Lilly Tadin, WFWP Canada President, WFWPI vice-president, was the guest speaker for the evening.  She encouraged women of the community to work together to build up the Women’s Federation Foundation.  She continued to stress the fact that Women’s Federation was founded on the premise that women need to take the lead with maternal and mature love that draws on important elements such as empathy, reconciliation, intuition, tenacity, inclusion and sacrifice.  Women have the ability to build a world of peace based on one united human family. She commended, both the women and men present for their efforts to initiate a new chapter for Women’s Federation in the capital city of Canada stressing that to be people of influence, we need to think and act as owners…not as visitors and spectators. She concluded saying that seeds are being sown for a prosperous future.
Anna Baksheeva performed several selections for the Event

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