Universal Peace Federation and Women’s Federation Joint Conference – Ottawa

Second National Conference  WFWP and UPF Canada held in capital city of Ottawa, Canada

On October 5, 2013, participants representing numerous cultural and religious backgrounds came together in our beautiful capital city to discuss “Should Canada see itself as a Welcoming Family?”

The three main sessions included throughout the day included the topics:

Session 1: A More Caring, Sharing Citizen: The Role of Education

Session 2 – Is Devotional Garb a Sign of Spiritual Commitment or a Political Statement?

Session 3: The Cry of the Lost Aboriginal Sisters Across Canada

The conference closed with a keynote speech by Dr. Douglas Joseph Cardinal, an acclaimed architect who combines the values he gained from his German mother and Native father to create structures that show the contributions of Aboriginal people integrated into global civilization.

Here are pictures of the day:


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