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May 25,  2013 Toronto Chapter hosted “Her Story”

This is the story of the women who have moved “His-Story” forward:

“History, has been the record of his-story, even though more than half of humanity consists of women, her-story was omitted. Many of her stories and her valuable contributions have been left out of historical records; however we women must work towards making human history complete in the 21St century by putting the stories of women on record, along with the stories of men.
By Her-Story we don’t mean to strive for an exclusive female story to be created in competition with men, but rather strive for the whole story of humanity, where the respective contributions of both men and women, compliment each other. Her-Story presentation gives you a wonderful untold perspective on how women were able to shape the history of humanity and bring positive changes intothe World.”
Here is our event in pictures:

International Women’s Day-Toronto Event


“Break the silence.  When you witness violence against women and girls, do not sit back. Act.” 

-Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General

On Saturday March 23, 2013, WFWP Toronto Chapter held its 7th annual International Women’s Day Luncheon.  This year again we followed the theme of the 57th session of the Commission of the Status of Women : Women standing up to violence: Finding ways through, with hope and connections.

The programme was attended by over fifty participants including members from the York Region Police Department, Community Leaders, Notable Authors, NGO leaders as well as numerous WFWP members, families and friends.

 The event was held at a prominent downtown Toronto Holiday Inn. The intimate luncheon was beautifully decorated by Valerie Augustine, who donated a raffle gift basket and flowers from Lite it UP, her Toronto based candle company.  The hosting hotel graciously donated a complimentary night as a door prize in honour of the WFWP event.

Karlyn D. Percil, Author, Speaker, and Self-love Advocate opened the event.  Karlyn, who has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey network, told her story of how she tried to hide from the shame in her life, shame that others had put upon her.  She encouraged all women to know their value and not to let shame rule their lives.  Karlyn stated the need to create a culture to break the silence.  She continued, that even if you have not gone through traumatizing events, those you know may have…and need help to express their past.  Karlyn strongly pointed out  all individuals should know their own value, then they would ultimately be able to find joy and happiness and the purpose of their lives.

Karlyn D. Percil, Author and Advocate
Confrence Room at Holiday Inn

   The second speaker was Bahi Krishnkhanthan, a Motivational Speaker, Facilitator and Psychotherapist.  She hoped to raise awareness among all cultures and genders.  She shared her experience and the violence that she endured as a young lady and young mother.  Fighting to stand up for her rights and for the rights of her young children, Bahi committed herself to end the abuse that she faced.  But in the end…she found that it wasn’t the end of the abuse that changed her life.  It was the ability to finally forgive the abuser that finally gave her the freedom that she seeked since her youth.  She encouraged all of those who had faced abuse…to find forgiveness in their hearts.

Bahi Krishnakhantan, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator and Psychotherapist

 The event was closed with the WFWP national President’s Address.  Mrs. Lilly Tadin presented the need for women to know the facts.  She presented the report from the UN’s Status of Women Conference.  In addition she pointed out the violence here at home in Canada…especially towards Aboriginals of both genders.   Ending violence against women, one of the UN’s Millienium Development Goals, has not yet been accomplished on the World Level.  She stressed that it must be included in any new development framework.

Mrs. Lilly Tadin, WFWP President Canada, Vice President WFWPI

   Numerous entertainers performed at the event, including Clear Stone Band, Poetess Nadine Williams, and the Tamale Sisters, with a beautifully a capella selection.

A candle light ceremony concluded the event.  A representative man and women lit the first two candles symbolizing a new beginning of a joint partnership.  Where violence would no longer be tollerated.  The “light” was then passed to candles held by all the participants.

WFWP would like to thank all of its members who invested their time and effort to making this event a success. A special thank you to…Eveline Stewart as MC, Diane Dixon, Jennifer Biscocho,and the many more members who worked behind the scenes…we thank you!

Eveline Stewart and Diane Dixon with the Raffle
Tamale Sisters
Question and Answer Section of the Conference

Toronto Event Around the Corner…International Women’s Day March 23!!

WFWP USA Logo 2012Women’s Federation for World Peace Canada 
            NGO in General Consultative Status
       with the Economic and Social Council of the UN

WFWP, Toronto invites you to our Seventh Annual International Women’s Day celebration, on March 23/13
IWD is an occasion for honoring the achievements of women. The past century has brought
astonishing progress, by just about every measure, in terms of women’s health, their economic opportunities, their political power and more.
Today, women are leaders in every field…….. yet violence against women in the family, work and society still continues.

This year 2013, WFWP selected the theme : ” Women Standing up to Violence: Finding Ways Through, with Hope & Connection”, that aligns with UN Commission on the Status of Women theme, for it’s 57th session. 

As this theme suggests, violence against women affects us all, and everyone – 
men and women – must be part of the solution.

On International Women’s Day 2013, we call on all Canadians to work together 
to end violence against women. Violence is not just a women’s issue: men have 
key roles to play in making our country safe for everyone. 

During her meeting with African civil society organizations,UN Women Executive Director, Ms. Bachelet stated, “Let us make every effort to unleash the full potential of women and 
girls. Let us redouble efforts towards the eradication of all forms of 
gender-based violence and discrimination.” 

UN S.G Ban Ki Moon remarked “…we especially need to speak out against rape and sexual violence in conflict. Governments must support victims and end the culture of impunity”.

Mahatma Gandhi asserted “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”

At the same time, International Women’s Day is also an occasion for recognizing how much more is still needed to be done to support women and girls worldwide. I encourage everyone reading this to reflect on what each one of us can do to support women — to put words and ideas into action.

Date:          Saturday, March 23 2013

Place :        Holiday Inn Toronto, downtown Centre 30 Carlton St.Toronto one block East of
Yonge South on Carlton, Yonge and College subway station.
Time:         11: 30 AM – 3:00 PMSeminar Fee: $40 pp with hot buffet

Speakers:  Karlyn Percil:  Author, International Speaker & Self-Love Advocate, appeared on
                  Oprah Winfrey Network

Bahi Krishnakhanthan: Motivation Speaker, Facilitator & Psychotherapist

Lilly Tadin : President WFWP Canada,  Vice -President WFWPI 

Contact us :

Lilly Tadin : (647) 834-6121 lillytadin@yahoo. com
Eveline Stewart: (289) 683-4293 evelinestewart7@gmail.com
www.wfwp.ca.  www.wfwp.org” How are you going to assure equal rights? By force? External laws? Emotional persuasion? It
is through love. It is through love that women can be equal to men. Through love, a mother can be equal to her son, even though he may be the president of a nation”.Rev. S.M. Moon co-Founder of WFWPI

In Review: UPF and WFWP joint conference

Thank you for a wonderful event and to the Toronto Community for their support!

The December 1 one day Seminar, Divine Perspective on Human Rights, was a great success attended by over 40 participants. Nine panelists spoke on varying subjects ranging from the value of the family in creating peace to developing a more broad view of God, humanity and nature.

We would love to hear how this event inspired you!! What did you enjoy about the event? Please leave your comments below or email, me, Christina at mta.tadin@gmail.com…and I will add your comments to the blog. Thank you!

Promoting Strong Family Values – Foundation for a Peaceful Nation

Dear Community Leader/Ambassador for Peace,

On the foundation of holding continuous seminars, and meetings encouraging inter-religious and intercultural dialogue throughout Canada during the past couple of decades, the Women’s Federation for World Peace and Universal Peace Federation have come together to hold a conference under the broad theme of Educating for Peace and as such, you are hereby invited to participate at our 2012 national conference, in Toronto, on Saturday, June 9, 2012.


Location:      Toronto Don Valley Hotel –175 Wynford Drive,Toronto,ON.,M3C 1J3

Time:             9:00 A.M. to 4:00 PM. (Luncheon is included). Registration from 8:30 A.M.

Theme:         Promoting Strong Family Values – Foundation for a Peaceful Nation

Sponsor:      Universal Peace Federation & Women’s Federation for World Peace

Host:             Toronto Chapters of UPF and WFWP

Fee:                $40 per individual or $70 per couple


Building on themes emphasized during previous conferences that have focused on Faith, Family, Service and Peace it was decided to focus this year’s gathering on strengthening the family as the foundation for peace in support of the International Day of Families promoted each year by the United Nations.

The family in Canada is undoubtedly experiencing continual evolution as the cultural, religious and ethnic composition of families is enhanced by the arrival of new immigrants. In addition, the challenges of intercultural marriages, the declining birth rate and the ageing of our population are issues of common concern.

The conference will explore some aspects of the impact of this process as it affects the expression of cultural and religious values through social encounters.

The Canadian chapters of the Universal Peace Federation and the Women’s Federation for World Peace share common goals through developing networks of individuals, organizations and Ambassadors for Peace committed to all aspects of peace through promoting dialogue, education, and service. Both organizations seek to bring civil society solutions to critical local and global problems. “Educating for Peace” conferences can make a significant contribution to the building of a world of lasting peace.  Educating for peace starts in the family.

We hope you can reserve the time to be with us at this important conference.


Franco Famularo                                                                      Lilly Tadin

Secretary-General,                                                                   President, WFWP Canada

UPF Canada                                                                                Vice President, WFWPI


For more information or to register please contact or send an email to:

Lilly Tadin

215 Mavety St.Toronto,ON., Canada M6P 2M1

(647) 834-6121