Mother Daughter Seminar and Tea

On Sunday, June 28th, WFWP, Toronto Chapter held a seminar on ” Exploring the Core of the Mother Daughter Relationship” followed by Mother Daughter Tea Party.
The beautifully decorated room was buzzing with excitement and with the laughter of little girls, and young and mature ladies.
Christina Tadin and Lilly Tadin welcomed the audience representing Mother and Daughter. Each one of them shared valuable points of how important mothers are in lives of their daughters.
Every mother, enjoys and longs to have a close relationship with her daughter, yet many times it’s hard to even talk to her. Even with the best intentions, a strong mother-daughter bond won’t happen easily. It takes time and effort to build the desired relationship.
Lilly focused on the importance of the feminine and spiritual aspects and the role of a mother. A Mother is a natural giver because of the connection established while the child is in her womb. Lilly concluded that in order to maintain strong family and moral values, and to fulfill the role of a good mother, a mother should seek spiritual guidance through prayer, and studying the Holy Scripture, Koran and DP.
At the “open mic”, participants were given the opportunity to share their own stories.
Tahira Hassan, an immigrant to Canada, shared her story and the challenges she faced with her own daughter. She experienced the difficulty in trying to raise her daughter with different cultural standards, traditions and norms. She pointed out that it was not easy for new immigrants.
Hon. Jean Augustine was happy to share her own experiences and some challenges with her own two daughters. Raised up by strong women in her native Grenada, Jean compared values, educational norms, and respect  in her own country with Canadian standards.
Younger women, Miki Young and Rev. Younhee Chang shared their own stories and thoughts about their mothers adding warmth and laughter to the event.
The event included “break-out” activities that gave mother and daughters a chance to express their love for each other.  And games in which mothers and daughters were quizzed on how well do they know each other.
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Special thank you to the organizers, Unity Hendricks / Chang, Christina and Mie Tadin for making beautiful decorations, delicious snacks and deserts.
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We are thankful to Edmond Young for taking many beutiful photos of the event.
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