In Review: UPF and WFWP joint conference

Thank you for a wonderful event and to the Toronto Community for their support!

The December 1 one day Seminar, Divine Perspective on Human Rights, was a great success attended by over 40 participants. Nine panelists spoke on varying subjects ranging from the value of the family in creating peace to developing a more broad view of God, humanity and nature.

We would love to hear how this event inspired you!! What did you enjoy about the event? Please leave your comments below or email, me, Christina at…and I will add your comments to the blog. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “In Review: UPF and WFWP joint conference

  1. Mr. Dixon shared a brief overview of the program and asked that his review be included in our blog. Thank you for your notes Mr. Dixon!!
    Session topics were, 1. God’s original ideal of the family as the home and school of altruistic love which is living for the sake of others. 2. Recognizing that we may have a limited view of God, humanity, and nature and what to do about it. 3. Re-constructing a more comprehensive view of God, humanity, and nature. Speakers, in order of presentation, were Mrs. Chelomie Colthirst, Mr. Errol A. Gibbs, Mrs. Lilly Tadin, Dr. Armand P. Labarge, Mrs. Zohra Zoberi, Rev. Mitch Dixon, Rev. Earl Smith, Archbishop Dr. Deloris Seiveright, and Rev. Stoyan Tadin.
    Mrs. Chelomie Colthirst, Founder, Rebirth Christian Ministries said all are entitled to human rights. Although the term human rights is not specific in the Bible she said they are our responsibility to take care of others. She explained the story of the Good Samaritan and said we are out brother’s keeper.
    Mr. Errol A. Gibbs, Consultant and Author, Five Foundations of Human Development (FFHD) spoke of families are the building block of society and what is good and bad is bequeathed to future generations.
    Mrs. Lilly Tadin, President, Women’s Federation for World Peace—Canada showed a tearful video entitled, It’s a Girl a the high rate of murdering girls right after they are born particularly in India and China. This is a blatant abuse of human rights violating the basic right to live. She went on to state that family is important and the roles of men and women.
    Then a poem was read about the right to live in peace. An UPF introduction video was also shown.
    Dr. Armand P. Labarge, Former Chief of Police, York Region, Ontario spoke of being appointed as a Global Vice President of Sun Moon University in Korea, then he spoke of the abuse of the indigenous people of Canada over the years where even their children were taken away and raised by others in effort to break down their heritage and culture. Many died from tuberculosis. Many were complacent including Christians. He also spoke a visit to Poland where he had visited one of the death camps of Nazi Germany. He spoke of the contributions of Canadians John Humphries toward crafting the Human Declaration of Human Rights and Lester B. Pearson as a peacekeeper and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
    Mrs. Zohra Zoberi , Founder, Bridging the Gap Productions spoke about her book Bridging the Gap. She portrays herself to be a world citizen. She spoke 30 articles of the Human Declaration of Human Rights. She said all of them are in violation today. She commented on the economic depravity of a large part of the world where 1 billion make less than $1 a day. She quoted killing one is killing all and saving one is saving all.
    Rev. Mitch Dixon, Co-Director, Central District, UPF Canada spoke about the causes of human rights abuses being the fall of the original ancestors which allowed evil to enter into human society. Selfish love is the culprit with need to root out of our lives to allow true love to move our hearts towards living for others. Rev. Moon has laid the foundation for a new moral society where rights and joy of others are guaranteed. This foundation for the start of this society will be complete on Foundation Day next year.
    A WFWP introduction video was also shown.
    Rev. Earl Smith, Interfaith Director, Church of Scientology, Toronto explained L. Ron Hubbard’s view of human rights and showed a video on the topic.
    Archbishop Dr. Deloris Seiveright, Founder, The Shouters National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith International Centre spoke about becoming selfless people to serve others to allow the spirit to work though you, and working together for the betterment of humanity. She explains as an evangelist she has been doing that.
    Rev. Stoyan Tadin, Educator, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification explained that science needs to stretch encompass things that are not quantifiable, and each of us should partner with others with high ideals to make a better world.
    We thank all of our speakers for wonderful presentations and the effort and care they have portrayed in their efforts. We also thank all those behind the scenes that made this possible, Jennifer Biscocho, Diane Dixon, Christina Kambashi, Welly Gabriel, R. Thillairajan and Kimiko Thillairajan.
    Ambassador for Peace awards presented by former Chairman Dr. Chae Hee Lee to Mrs. Chelomie Colthirst, Mr. Errol A. Gibbs, and Archbishop Dr. Deloris Seiveright.

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