9th Annual Poetry Reading- WFWP Toronto

On Sunday, July 19th, 2015, WFWP and Bridging the Gap Productions collaborated to present the 9th annual International Poetry Reading.
Under the continuous theme” Crossing Boundaries, Connecting Hearts”, poets from different poetry clubs, communities and cities, gathered on Sunday afternoon to share their newly published poems. Topics on love, peace, relationships, economy, ecology and so on were read by each poet.
The President of WFWP, Canada, Lilly Tadin welcomed all the participants and expressed her apprecition for their excellent work and continued collaboration with WFWP.
This year several young poets were warmly welcomed by the already established poets and all the participating guests. With much enthusiasm and excitement, they read their very first poems. Besides the regular poetry reading, the audience was showered with a most intriguing “slam” poetry reader, Alex Wichert, an activist for homeless youth.
James Quinn, an author, poet and musician entertained the participants with his collection of poems and narratives through a unique presentation of songs played on a guitar.
Llloyd Howell, an author of several books came from Long Island, NY to present his latest published book ” Remembering Father “. The book was written about the life of Reverand Moon and Lloyd’s personal experiences with him.
The whole program was lead by Zohra Zoberi from “Bridging the Gap Productions” and Eveline Stewart from WFWP, Canada, Hamilton chapter.
With encouraging words we continue to work together for our next get together, which will be a major mile stone; our 10th international gala event poetry reading .
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